2021: Let’s Go!

© Gierzwaluwwerkgroep Natuurpunt Noorderkempen

On June 7, it will be the 3d edition of World Swift Day (WSD).

Last year, despite the difficulties linked to the COVID pandemia, Swift lovers showed all their creativity to make WSD a day of celebrations and buzz around all Swift species. Mostly virtually, because of the context, but events were organised in 48 countries, more spectifically around 36 species.

As we are writing this post, the health crisis is, unfortunately, always present, even though the situation is improving in some countries. On top of it, the cold and wet weather of this spring is having a delaying effect of the Swift season in some countries.

We are therefore encouraging you to, once again, adapt to your local situation and to organise a small-scale activity and/or a virtual activity. Above all, don’t forget to COMMUNICATE, make a buzz, about WSD (#worldswiftday and #WSD2021) and Swifts: to the press, on social media, on your window,…

Communicate about how fantastic those birds are, what threatens them, what can be done for them,… Go around your neighbourhood to admire screaming parties and/or to do an inventory and, while doing so, communicate about it and about WSD, organise a “Swift party” (Swift tea-party, cocktail,…)… of course in compliance with the sanitary rules in force on that day), organise a visoconference (local, national or international), contact your local authorities and ask them to act concretely for Swift conservation, organise a nice activity with the local school,…

And do tell us about it so that we can share it with the global community (Facebook: @SwiftsWithoutFrontiers)!

You can also join the WSD Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/worldswiftday


And let us hope that 2022 will be the return of a major edition of WSD!

Stay safe and enjoy #WSD2021!