Month: June 2020

World Drawing Competition: Preselection

Here are the drawings preselected by the jury. The public is invited to vote for one in each category.

Neotropical Swifts (by Renata Biancalana)

The Neotropics are home for 32 species of swifts that occur in the Americas. Though they are widespread and many are considered common, we barely know the life of most of these incredible birds. Swifts are divided in two main groups (subfamilies), the Cypseloidinae and the Apodinae. Renata Biancalana (Brazil) introduces us to some of these species.

Jane Goodall’s message for WSD 2020

As announced, we are now publishing Dr Jane Goodall’s video message for World Swift Day 2020.
Jane Goodall has kindly accepted to be the Patron of World Swift Day for the second year in a row.