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“COVID-compatible” WSD: Yes We Can!

Dear all,

In those difficult times, some of you may think that it won’t be possible to organise this year’s World Swift Day. Fortunately, we can assure you that it IS possible: Last year, a fantastic buzz was (also) created by many “virtual” intiatives. Also, some partners have already suggested various intiatives that are “lockdown compatible”.

In order to make it easier for all, a Facebook group has been created to brainstorm about this:



At this stage, here are a few suggestions of what you may organise as a national/local organisation active around Swifts. Any other idea is, of course, welcome: This list is not exhaustive! You can also take a look at last year’s intiatives here.

– invite people to look for Swifts around their house / in their neighbourhood (on June 7 and/or during the whole weekend) (according to your respective country’s specific lockdown conditions, people can either limit their inventory to what they see from their window or do it in their neighbourhood).

– a photographs competition

– “live”/pre-recorded reading of a children book about Swifts

– video messages about Swifts & WSD (those can also be shared here)

– a well-structured and coordinated communication of all partners around the world is vital to create an efficient buzz around Swifts (uniform use of the WSD logo, of the #worldswiftday hashtag,…). All the available media should be used: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, websites, press releases to a media list,…

For your information, Dr Jane Goodall has, once again, accepted to be the patron of WSD. As such, she will record a video message that all of you will be able to share.

Also, we are about to launch a drawing competition, between May 4 and May 31 (to allow time for votes, jury selection,…). More details in the next few days!

Time goes by quickly, so we are asking you to fill in the form as soon as possible. This will allow us to fill in the world map of participating partners, which, last year, motivated more people to join, and which was of great use to convince the official media to communicate about it.

Let’s make this WSD an even bigger success than last year!

Together, we can, together, we are stronger!