World Drawing Competition: Preselection

Here are the drawings preselected by the jury. The public is invited to vote for one in each category.

Neotropical Swifts (by Renata Biancalana)

The Neotropics are home for 32 species of swifts that occur in the Americas. Though they are widespread and many are considered common, we barely know the life of most of these incredible birds. Swifts are divided in two main groups (subfamilies), the Cypseloidinae and the Apodinae. Renata Biancalana (Brazil) introduces us to some of these species.

World Drawing Competition

In preparation for the second World Swift Day, which will be held on June 7, Swifts Without Frontiers (SWF) is launching today a WORLD drawing competition. Open to all (adults and children from 3 years), it offers an ideal activity in these times of lockdown.

Apus apus (© Bernard Genton)

“COVID-compatible” WSD: Yes We Can!

In those difficult times, some of you may think that it won’t be possible to organise this year’s World Swift Day. Fortunately, we can assure you that it IS possible: Last year, a fantastic buzz was (also) created by many “virtual” intiatives. Also, some partners have already suggested various intiatives that are “lockdown compatible”.

June 7, 2020: Save The Date!

The first edition of World Swift Day was a big success:  It was celebrated in 39 countries from 4 continents, with over a hundred events “covering” 15 Swift species, thousands of posts on social media (generating thousands of… Read More

Mensaje Jane Goodall vencejos

Los vencejos comunes son aves fascinantes que prácticamente hacen todo en el aire: comer, beber, dormir, aparearse, juntar materiales para sus nidos… Pero están muy amenzados y necesitan nuestra protección.   La Dra. Jane Goodall explica el por… Read More